« Auto-motive"


“Art is creator, and industry is producer. Art is therefore like the quintessence of industry;
it is a kind of transcendent industry, the industry par excellence. »
The aesthetic (1961) - Denis Huisman, philosopher.

A constant trend :
a purified style expressing the effort in favor of environment which requires more and more commitment.

“Ugliness doesn’t sell well” Raymond Loewy, Franco-American designer.

Less is more.
Mies van der ROHE, architecte.

"Design is making sense of things".
Klauss Krippendorff, engineer, designer, teacher in cybernetics, language and culture. Doctor in philosophy.

In the spirit of…

Mies Van der Rohe :
« God is in the details ».
« The original quote, God is in the details is such a positive anthem
that speaks to the poetry of the minutiae and the artistic focus
and follow through required to achieve anything of worth. »
Chasing light - Doug. blog.ricecracker.net/2009/10/14/mies-van-der-rhoe/

« Every physical element has been distilled to its irreducible essence. »
Maritz Vandenburg, Farnsworth House.

« Architecture is the will of an epoch translated into space.»
Mies Van der Rohe.

And if function followed design ?

From Raymond Loewy, french-american designer, MAYA (Most Advanced Yet Acceptable),
to Tadao Ando, japonese archtect, « the form is design to induce a new function ».

"Visual intuition." GD