ABS/TRACTION 2012-2014

"Car keys"

Fluid, light, transparent mobility.

Ecological concept cars, hydrogen-powered, electrical, hybrid, classical cars, sports vehicles...
They have all been subject of the same artistic approach : abstract.


Plastician approach

For this photography project, my creative approach was based on the search for aesthetic elements in the urban landscape: colours, original, stylised forms. My choice was an object that fires everyone’s imagination: the car. The place: the Geneva International Car Show, artistically inspiring with its play of light offering an extraordinarily attractive palette.
The matter is purely artistic, conceptual: abstraction presented in a minimalist, surrealist or figurative version. It is all a search for the boundary between transgression and acceptance. The idea that the car, as an element of our urban heritage, is spatially founded is implicit and suggests one of the goals of most car makers’ tendencies: a decrease in the impact on the environment.
The photographic compositions realised create a link between car design and abstract art, hence the allusive title of the collection, ʺABS/TRACTIONʺ.

An analytical look at designers’ creations to underline the graphic vocabulary by highlighting it or re-inventing a new, more enigmatic language. Stripped to the point of anonymity, these design language elements take on a life of their own. If some continue to evoke the world of cars, others are merely colour spaces, abstract symbols, transcended by plays of light.
Credits : AC, Alfa Roméo, Aston Martin, Belumbery, Biofore, Fiat, Inifiniti, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Lexus, Nissan, Peugeot, Toyota, Weismann, International Motor Show of Geneva 2012-2014, Palexpo.
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"Photography sets up a power relationship with the model, and opens up lines of approach to that which is modelled. Framings of space indicate that something exists outside of the frame; something which resists framing, and which belongs to the landscape as such, of whose identity it is a part.
That which is outside the frame generally remains visible in photographic images that display these things in situ. It drives traversals of the frame to their ultimate extremities, and to a transgression of the photographic image field, into territories of landscape fictions and frictions."
In P. Barrès "Experiences of place: architecture, landscape, design", Paris, Archibooks, 2008.
Patrick Barrès is a Professor in applied art, plastic art,
Director of the Audiovisuel Research Laboratory- Kwonledge, Practice and Poietics in Art (LARA-SEPPIA),
University of Toulouse Jean-Jaurès.
ABS/TRACTION this is :
1 concept
3 International Motor Shows Geneva
14 car makers
25 selected cars
400 photos
In parallel, a bit of history :