Jean-Jacques Rousseau
(Photo GD Geneva 2012)

Read the landscape
And write the future
Reflect of culture






« PhotoSynthesis"


 Observation, interpretation, action, through the prism of the environmental protection and respecting natural landscapes. 


"Map" of free road

Holistic, ecological, cultural and aesthetic vision, depending on the countries and regional geography.

Anticipation - Vision - Freedom and responsibility -


Spirit of the place

Seasons - Environment - Sense of land and sea - Four elements - Biodiversity - Preservation of ecosystems - Preservation of forests and endemic species - Animal protection - Freedom of wild animals - Large wild spaces - Unspoilt horizon -


Imprint of the land

Art landscape - Long time - Indigenous cultures - Local resources and knowledge - Equestrian mobility - Zoonoses management - Fallow - Reproducible bio-seeds - Medicinal garden - Botanical garden - Ecological forest maintenance - Protection of mature, remarkable trees - Preservation of tree alignments along roads - Reforestation - Regenerative agriculture - Permaculture - Conservation and organic agriculture - Complementary agricultural animal traction - Diversified local agricultural production,, ecosystem services, food sovereignty - Flexitarian food - Sustainable water management of river basins - Green jobs - Natural, simple solutions - 


Art of living

Ecological nuances - Legitimacy - Respect - Heritage - Topography, toponymy - Typical - Art history - Style - Art attitude - Decorative Art - Conservation and revival of local traditional crafts - Natural fibers : silk, wool, alpaca, hemp, cotton, linen, sisal, bark - Restoration of vernacular architecture - Critical architectural regionalism - Preservation of villages - Villages of character - Eco-villages - Architectural expression - Preservation, restoration, of individual, urban and rural homes and gardens - Tree heritage - Plant intelligence - Anticipation and preservation of tree growth space in urbain areas - Horticulture - Aesthetics - Manual intelligence - Art of craftsmanship - Character - Original - Light - 


Natural inspirations

Compatible heritage 

Exploration - Spatial vision - Environmental impact study - Soil and subsoil preservation - State of the art - Cross pollination - Design thinking process - Biomimicry - Eco-design - Environmental bio-innovation - Bio-climatic architecture - Sustainable architecture - Ecology industrial - Sustainable and circular bio-economy - Bio-sourced materials - Green economy - Green jobs - Intuitive, light, aerial mobility - Renewable resources and energies respectful of the landscape, solar, tidal, geothermal, hydroelectric (micro-power plants) - Natural hydrogen, green, blue - Upcycling - Free energy - Local, integrated, clean energies - Energy independence and security (optimal, local) - Positive energy building - Multiplication of local solutions -Decline in flows of non-renewable raw materials - Optimal water management -


 Synergy - Transversality of knowledge - Information - Communication… 

“Keystone species”, « fine ecology ».


 Landscapes - GD

The essential is ecosystem*'s preservation. 

*Ecosystem: a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment. (Hachette dictionaries)

In summary basic ecological unit formed by the environment (biotope) and the organisms that live there (biocenosis), 

in the literal sense.

Not to be confused with the "organized environment" ecosystem, figuratively, sometimes incompatible with the ecosystem


Democracy, from ancient Greek demos “territory” and kratos "power".

Philosopher in contemplation from Rembrandt (1632)

Philosophe en contemplation de Rembrandt (1632)

"Spiritual spiral" GD



Of this rich palace, the superb structure

Makes Art shine with Nature. 

Versailles (Ancient and anonymous verses)

Nobility of example…

1,618 NAO New Golden Age

1.618 NAO Nouvel Age d'Or (Photo GD 2013).

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