Optical Art eyelashes

Sunset filters

Colored twigs



Ecological point of view.

The environment is universal,

the living environment is unique.

The Art of Anticipation

The Art of Authentic Active Anticipation ©


Symbolic abstraction is a revealer,

an efficient source of inspiration to move the lines,

in favor of nature conservation.


Solution-oriented Art

Art-based Solutions

Play with colors,

bring to light what is in the shadows,

or too prominently and you can no longer see:

photography allows me to recompose the visible,

to reveal the symbolic.


Art of the Future

A like Apolitical

My artistic approach concretized by these ten photographic series

aims to raise awareness of the environment

and to propose axes of reflection.


Art is contextual.


The photo, the camera, a medium linking time to color.

Place, subject, light, framing like the pictorial composition, interpretation of the author, 

are the components of artistic expression, guaranteeing its value.

The photo fixes a thought, an emotion, a moment, a timeless breath. Intuition takes precedence.


- Artist proof -

GD Plastic Artist Photographer Author.

Areas of intervention :

art, architecture, design, photography, landscape...

Studies and personalized artistic proposals.


More than 50 French and foreign companies representing 22 industrial sectors

“echoed” my artistic approach and photographic creations

in favor of the environment. 20/1/24

From my years of artistic studies (plastic arts, art history, studio photography), I remember visiting many art museums

in Europe which helped to educate my eyes. I reconnected with photography about twenty years ago with the arrival of digital for 

an artistic practice. Coming from the world of information and communication, my career has allowed me to meet professionals 

from various backgrounds: art, literature, architecture, design, landscape, philosophy, energy, environment, industrial ecology...

I like to cross paths, experiences.

An interesting transversality to cultivate,

which opens the field of possibilities...

I hope that you'll appreciate the originality of my artistic process,

especially to sensitize to nature protection,

initiated in 2008 in a botanical garden.


Natural logic

"The landscape of the future" is an invitation to read the landscape through testimonies and visions of landscape,

 art, architecture, design, industrial ecology professionals.

These complementary skills have been brought together to form the most harmonious "ecosystem"

possible, with an ethical objective, where nature and art have a privileged place for our daily well-being,

in a natural way...

Let's imagine together the landscape of the future. » G.D.

Introduction to a reflection workshop on the landscape of the future.

Concept, choice of speakers. January 2009 (Exceptional free advice)

(*To harmonize is not to standardize)

Lines of reflection.


Architecture, art, design, urbanism

Aesthetics in our living environment, vector of fulfillment.
Decision-making ethics in the aesthetics of the living environment

Ethics and collective memory.

Heritage and trends.
Aesthetics and sustainable development

The power of visionaries: artist, architect, designer, urban planner, industrialist...

Semiology of the environment: revealed space.
Ethics, aesthetics and use: the principle of sustainability.

Ethics and training of actors

Formative art: signs and meaning.
Areas of training for future professionals.



"Electricity Planet".
Exhibition press kit. (1 month) 2008
Energy forecast (synthesis of CEA notes p.18-19-20)

"The challenges of environmental information"
On the initiative and organization of the TV Press Forum of the editors of the environmental press (AJE)
and economics at Pollutec in Lyon in 2006. (Exceptional free advice)

Journal of the IET (Institute of Environment and Technology) 1999-2006

Eco-design and industrial ecology
"Bio-imitation for the conservation of our natural capital" N°9
3rd World Forum on Sustainable Development in the Senate
"The Time Factor" (Subtitle) No. 8
Men, plants, insects, shared views, a common future N°6

Competition for the Conservation of Natural, Scientific and Technical Heritage.
Obtaining writing. 1998

Design researcher - Barré & Associés - 1996
Creative research in product design, production of sketches, monitoring of qualitative tests.

Rhône-Alpes Design Center (Lyon) 1996
Organization of expert meetings, press relations, publishing.

Secapa IT (Dardilly) - 1989-90
Communication Manager in France and abroad for the promotion of workstations
dedicated to the control of industrial processes. Participation in trade fairs in Toulouse
and in Barcelona. Edition (English and Russian).

Promotion of industrial design in Rhône-Alpes - Tandem Création Industrie - (Novels) 1988

East bypass of Lyon - DDE -
Communication, publishing, press relations. (Landscape studies and environmental impacts). 1986-87

International colloquium of Latin American literature: "Mirror or mirage" (Crear).
Press relations and reception of writers 1985-86

Lyon Motor Show.
Press relations for shows in all sectors at the Lyon exhibition center. 1982-85


French Television Broadcasting - Antiope teletext magazine for trade fairs - 1982

Boiron Laboratories - Communication department, press review for prescribers - 1982

1st commercial trip by TGV between Paris and Lyon on September 27, 1981

Rhône-Mediterranean-Corsica Basin Agency - communication service edition - 1981

Les Petites Affiches Lyonnaises - Journalist - 1980

Lyon space for contemporary art - press service - 1980


Screenwriting masterclass C. Vogler American “script doctor”, Acting Studio. Lyon 2012

Competition for the Conservation of Natural, Scientific and Technical Heritage. Written. 1998

Graduate of the French School of Press Officers. Lyons 1982 

Thesis:"Internal corporate communication"

DEUG in Spanish 1st year University Lyon II. 1981-82

Literary and Artistic Baccalaureate. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry high school. Lyons 1978

Countries visited: 

Andorra, Austria, France, Germany (Bavaria), Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Monaco, 

Northern Ireland, Portugal (Madeira), Spain, Southern Ireland, Switzerland, Tunisia, United Kingdom,


When I was a child, I used to read in the trees...


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